The Ferrari By Logic3 Story


Logic3 has always made high-quality products that deliver on their promises and are available at a price point that’s affordable to all audiences. But the company has always held a passion and a desire to produce the very best audio products on the market and to create something truly exceptional. Something unique. It is this desire that has driven the collaboration between Logic3 and Ferrari.

Performance and quality underpins everything Ferrari does. It creates products that reflect its customers’ aspirations, those who strive for, and achieve, the best in life. Ferrari could see the ambition and passion that Logic3 harboured and selected the company to deliver the audio excellence that it demands.

To bring this dream to life, the Logic3 team has taken its proven, consistent and high quality approach to the next level. Recognising the need to build this new range of audio equipment from the ground up, Logic3 has worked with some of the most highly-respected audio designers in the world to create a range of outstanding audio products that bring Ferrari’s iconic Italian heritage to life. The Ferrari team has been involved in the process every step of the way, ensuring the marque’s characteristic style & design, confidence & pride, and its personality & flair are captured in every product within the collection.



The Ferrari by Logic3 collection has been born out of these core values:

Be: The Ferrari of Audio

Ferrari achieves excellence in everything it does. The Ferrari by Logic3 collection embodies this strive for excellence at every level – from the styling of the products and obsessive attention to detail through to the technical specifications of each and every item in the range. The Ferrari team has worked closely with Logic3 at every stage of the design and development process to ensure that Ferrari by Logic3 collections live up to the Ferrari promise of absolute excellence. 

Deliver: Performance, Excellence & Passion

Every process in this collaboration has been driven by desire. The power of Ferrari exists in its desire to win, to excel, to perform against its own standards. The Ferrari by Logic3 collection is the very embodiment of this desire. There has been no let-up in the design process to drive the greatest performance imaginable, with exacting engineering and unique manufacturing techniques that ensure the Ferrari by Logic3 vision is brought to life.


The Ferrari by Logic3 Collection

The Ferrari by Logic3 collection is comprised of two styles that celebrate Ferrari’s excellence, both on the road and in motorsport: The Cavallino and The Scuderia.

The Ferrari Cavallino Collection

The Ferrari Cavallino Collection reflects Ferrari’s GT road cars, where power and performance are united with the quality of the details and the constant drive to meet the customer’s greatest expectations. This resonates across the collection, through the perfection of the details, the superior quality of the materials, and the careful craftsmanship.

The Scuderia Ferrari Collection

The Scuderia Ferrari Collection reflects the passion, enthusiasm, and desire for victory that spurs on both the Ferrari F1 team and each and every individual fan. The products within this collection are inspired by the competition, the speed, and the technological innovation of the F1 team.  They embody the “racing soul” that underlies the character of Ferrari.